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Step-A-Side®, Step-Back® and Transportation Innovation Products, Inc. are the direct result of decades of “Hands On” trucking experience. The products manufactured by us are not only of the highest quality and cost effective, but field tested and designed to help you the Driver reduce your possibility of injury, while doing your day-to-day activities and working your load.

Our Step-A-Side® ladder system provides an easier and safer way to mount and dismount your trailer. In addition, it is equally at home helping you access your Van/Reefer for load securement or get up and inside to work the load at locations with no dock available.

Our Step-Back® mounting system is designed to be used with the Step-A­-Side® ladder. The Step-Back® hangers can be mounted almost anywhere you have the need to access your van or reefer trailer.

Our Conestoga Bracket mounting system works with all Step-A­-Side® Ladders. It is designed to fit most Conestoga rail conversion kits and is completely portable.

We also offer our Dock/5th Wheel Hook that can be used in a variety of ways: to lift dock plates and/or grab roll-up trailer door handles, carts, pallets, tarps, ropes, chains, or other hard to reach equipment.