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HDXL extended and closed
  • Designed for both regular steel and newer aluminum and hybrid trailers.
  • 8 inches of increased length makes it easier to reach.
  • Additional ladder rung (5) for effortless use.
  • Large or small, the added width allows for a trouble-free step through to trailer deck at the top.
  • Increased length allows for simpler use on irregular terrain with the reduced distance to the first step.
  • Increased wt. capacity for heavier usage.
  • Heavy grit aluminum oxide step media for excellent traction while mounting or dismounting in adverse weather conditions.
  • Heavy powder coated finish in Safety Yellow.


Introducing our Our HDXL Step-A-Side® ladder system, It is designed for both standard and newer aluminum and hybrid trailers.

As drivers you know flatbed loads are most often loaded by crane (ground or overhead) or from the side by a fork truck. Too often this environment with no dock or other easy access to the trailer deck for the Driver to perform load securement or tarping. Moreover, mounting or dismounting a flatbed has never been easy under the best conditions.

To address these scenarios, Mike Hailey invented the “ORIGINAL” Step-A-Side® ladder system seen here. It is exclusively licensed and manufactured in the USA by Transportation Innovation Products, Inc. Affordable, Strong, Compact, yet lightweight, the Step-A-Side® ladder provides an easy and safer way to mount and dismount your trailer.

Our HDXL Step-A-Side® ladder system is designed for both standard and newer aluminum and hybrid trailers. It is 8″ longer & 3″ wider than the standard ladder and has an additional rung. This makes it easier to climb aboard and effortless to use.

Specifications Step-A-Side® HDXL Step-A-Side®
Dimensions (Closed) 17 1/4″ X 4′ 6″ 20 1/4″ X 5′ 0″
Dimensions (Closed) 17 1/4″ X 6′ 8″ 20 1/4″ X 7′ 4″
Powder Coated Finish Yes Yes
HD Slip-Resistant Rungs Yes Yes
Slip-Resistant Feet with Drain Yes Yes
Steel Construction Yes Yes
Robotically Welded Yes Yes
Nylon Handle Inserts Yes Yes
Number of Rungs Four (4) Five (5)
Three (3) Points of Contact Yes Yes
Individual Boxing Yes Yes
Ladder Weight 17 lbs. 22 lbs.