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  • Safe, Portable, affordable, and lightweight 
  • Your first line of defense against falls
  • Flatbed use: Ladder hangs securely on the trailer’s rub rail­, no permanent installation or additional parts required.
  • Sets up and ready to use in about 20 seconds.
  • Constructed of HREW steel for superior strength.
  • Slip resistant ladder rungs and rubber feet.
  • Over six (6) ft. tall with handles extended Step-A Side® provides the correct angle and needed leverage for mounting and dismounting the trailer.
  • We’ve got your back … So go ahead and Step-A-Side®


As drivers, you know flatbed loads are most often loaded by crane (ground or overhead) or from the side by a fork truck. Too often, this is a place with no dock or other easy access to the trailer deck for the Driver to perform load securement or tarping. Moreover, mounting or dismounting a flatbed has really never been easy.

To address these scenarios, Mike Hailey invented the “ORIGINAL” Step-A-Side® ladder system, seen here. It is exclusively licensed and manufactured in the USA by Transportation Innovation Products, Inc. Affordable, Strong, Compact, yet lightweight, the Step-A-Side® ladder provides an easy and safer way to mount and dismount your trailer.

In addition, the Step-A-Side® ladder is equally at home helping you access your Van/Reefer for load securement or get up and inside to work the load at locations with no dock available. With handles extended for needed leverage, this 6’+ ladder with slip resistant rubber feet and slip resistant rungs, rises to the location.

Step-A-Side® ladders are constructed of hot rolled, electric welded steel, then powder coated for protection from the elements. It can be easily stored in your trailer side box, under bunks, or the back of the cab using our Step-A-Side®  Ladder Guard …… You Decide

The Step-A-Side® ladder weighs less than 18 lbs. and it measures 17-1/4″ W x 6′ 8″ H with handles extended and with 17-1/4″ W x 4′ 5″ H  handles inverted.

  • Van Trailer or straight truck use Step-Back® mounting brackets. Available separately – ­must be installed to hang ladder securely.


  • Mount them anywhere you need to use your Step-A-Side® ladder
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No Dock? ••• No Problem! Just Step­ Back®